Tell an After-School Activities Story with Charms!

Back-to-school… some may say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and by some, we’re looking at you parents.  We know for certain that it’s an exciting and busy time of year.  The activities are in full swing and we have the CHARM IT! charms to match!

Whether they're swinging a racket, dancing on stage, or showing off their skills on the soccer field, CHARM IT! jewelry pairs perfectly to tell the story of the after-school activities they love. 

TENNIS TIME!  Look smashing both on and off the court… serve up some style with the Tennis Racquet Charm that will have them acing every match.

GYMNASTICS FUN!  The Gymnastics Girl Charm is absolutely perfect for those who like to flip out and jump around.  This charm scores a perfect 10.  

FOR THE ARTIST! With art charms like the Paint Palette, Art Kit, and more, they can express their creativity. 

VOLLEYBALL VIBES!  Bump, set, spike! Wearing the Volleyball Charm will ensure that they’re a serious team member on and off the court!

SOCCER STARS!  Score some points with a Soccer Ball Charm!  They’ll show off their love for soccer with a charm that kicks up the cuteness level.

DANCE DIVA!  With charms like the Glitter Dance Heart, Ballet Slippers, and I Love Dance, they’ll shine bright in every routine after school!

CHEER CHAMP!  Stunt, shout, and sparkle with the Cheer Spirit Charm that they can wear and share with their squad!

PERFORMING PERFECTION!  From the Glitter Music Note to the Star Microphone, celebrate their love for center stage!

No matter which after-school activities make them the happiest, there's a charm for that!   Remember, every charm tells a story, and their story is extraordinary!

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