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Amazing Firework Charm!

This charm is a very cute charm! I got it now because by the time its 4th Of July all the charms are going to be sold out. Very bright and colorful and something that my 5 year old daughter will love, I can't wait to give her the charm surprise on 4th Of July!!

Rainbow Chain Necklace
Janet Roberts
Charm It is Awesome

I ordered for the first time for my granddaughter for her 11th birthday. She loved-it!! Charms are nice and thick and not flimsy!! Necklace was colorful.

Gold Tooth Fairy Charm
Ashley Wagner
Not made to last

We’ve had this charm 2, maybe 3 weeks and the coating is already coming off it.

Do Not Recommend

This charm is super cute, however, with 1wear it broke and all the sprinkles fell out. I do not recommend purchasing this.

Swivel Frog Charm
Jennifer Mayer
Cute Frog

Cute Frog. It swivels like it's supposed to.


I’m too old to wear these charm bracelets, but I can’t help but love this shop!! I ESPECIALLY adore this little flamingo charm!! I love everything about it, it makes me happy just looking at it. It’s exactly like the photos, the pink is really vibrant. I’ve ordered 8 charms so far and this one is my absolute favorite!!

Gold Chain Bracelet
Gai L Oelrich
5 grandaughters!!

Purchased numerous charms and bracelets for my many grandaughter's birthdays! I also purchased charms for my very spoiled puppy to wear. Beautiful and varied choices and nice quality jewelry!

Very Cute Charm!

We got the wishes bottle charm because my 5 yr old made a wish and it came true, a pet dog. It was our most beautiful first charm!


7 yr old daughter has lost yet another tooth. 6th tooth already?! Very cute and was a great gift from the fellow tooth fairy. Out of all the presents she got from her (Certificate, 50$, rainbow lollipop (2 of them) set) she thinks that this was the best gift.

Cute Co-branded Charm!!!

This charm was a great purchase for me. Loved all the colors and the sparkly glitter.

Very Cute Charm!!!!!

This charm is super cute! My 10 yr old daughter loves this charm because she is in Girl Scouts. Amazing purchase!!!!

Super cute crab charm!

Our 7 yr old love pretty much loves anything about the ocean, so this charm was a great purchase! We have some of the other ocean themes charms, but not the crab. This charm was her favorite!!! She loves the bright orange and his cute big eyes. It came perfectly packaged and nothing was broken when it came to our house. We have the collectors guide so if we know how to keep care of this, the we can have fun with it for a long time. Easy to put on and take off her checker she made herself. Very cute and definitely a must have treasure!!!!


Nice charms

Rainbow Chain Bracelet
Carisa Griffin
Great!!! ❤️

Looked a little different from the picture. Cute, enjoyable, fun. Adorable as a good luck bracelet. Would be even cuter with Taylor charms!


I had bought my granddaughter the charm bracelet and a couple of charms for her birthday last year. She loved it. This year I got her a couple of more charms for the bracelet and she loved those, too. The whole bracelet is charming. Makes a nice gift that you can continue to add to.

Gold Swivel Chick Charm

I love it, it was everything my daughter imagined

Cute shaker

Love the detail and quality plus its so cute.

Love the bling

Every girl needs a cute Hello Kitty bling charm.

Cute Locket

This locket is so cute. So happy I bought it.

Gold Easter Gnome Charm
Rene Kraus
My grand daughter loves her charms

I have ordered several different themes of charms and my 7 year old grand daughter loves them. They are just the cutest charms.


My granddaughters love them!

Hello Kitty Chain Bracelet


Very fun charms!

Received my bracelet and charms today. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Love, love my Cham bracelet and charms. They are definitely worth buying.