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Gold Candy Heart Charm
Carolyn Loughney
Conversation Heart

Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Gold Layered Heart Charm
Carolyn Loughney

Love !!!


My granddaughter loves her new necklace and charms and wears them all everyday !!! They look even better in person!!!

Good quality!

Swivel Kitty Charm
Danijela Djordjevic
Love our New Charms!!!

My 9 year old niece loves her new charms! I got her the Kitty, the Rainbow heart shaker (Very cute and rare, so look out for it!!!), and the Rainbow. She loves them all! I will be buying more for her to add to her bracelet. They are super girly and colorful. I love the charms I got her!!!


My 4 year old daughter met Ariel at Disney!! She loved when she received the outstanding charm.


Perfect for my 6 year old daughters family movie night!!

Pink Narwhal Ornament
Lyla Thatcher

Hope you are having a great Christmas season! I got it for my daughter who is 8 and she loves it!!! the ornament is very colorful as well.

Star Microphone Charm
Lyla Thatcher
Perfect for my Star Singer!

My 6 year old daughter won her singing competition! She loves the charm, ver pretty, girly, and colorful!! She is the best singer you would ever hear, she has a very outstanding voice!

Amazing, just Love it!!

My 6 year old daughter loves the jigsaw! She has loads of charms and when she got it on her birthday, she loved it!!


My 5 year old granddaughter just got a pet fish today, I got her the charm and she loved it!!


Me and my 4 year old daughter went to Hawaii for a family trip, and I got her this charm, and she loves it!!

My 6 Year Old Daughter Loves It!

Today my 6 year old daughter set up a lemonade stand, and made us a LOT of money, I was just so proud of that girl, I gave her the Lemonade Bottle charm, and she loves it! It was the perfect reward for her. We are all thrilled!

Gold Congrats Charm
Lyla Thatcher
Granddaughter loves it!

I got this for my 4 year old granddaughter, who just got her ears pierced, and she loves it! it is her 2nd charm added to her bracelet. it was a surprise for everyone, and it is very colorful and cute.

Love It!!!

Perfect for my 5 year old granddaughter who is getting a pet dog!!

Birthday present

The charms I ordered are so cute. Well made with great detail. They are a birthday gift for my granddaughter who is turning 7. She absolutely loves them.

Nail polish

Just loved the little bottle of nail polish I purchased for my granddaughters bracelet! She has loved them all!

Great for Valentines Day!

Hope you all are having a happy valentines day month! I got the charm for my 7 year old granddaughter and she loves it!

Perfect for my Daughter!

We got this for our 6 year old daughter, who is in Girl Scouts, and she loves it! She has a whole Girl Scout charm bracelet for the charms she got, she got one from selling Cookies, and another one for trying her first Girl Scout Cookie. She is super pleased to have the cute charm. Lots of girls from the troop now love to collect charms! (She probably told them all about her cute charm collection, lol) We love our cute Girl Scout charm and will be purchasing more for the troop too!

Perfect for todays pool party!

my 3 year old granddaughter has a big backyard pool and invited some friends to come and swim with her and her pet doggy, so i bought her this charm and she had the best reaction, she was so exited! she was so happy to receive it. i will be collecting more for her!

Perfect Charm!

My 6 year old daughter lost her 4th tooth yesterday, and the Tooth Fairy brought her this charm, and she loves it! It was the best Tooth Fairy gift ever!

Perfect For Our Trip To Paris!

We just came back from our trip to Paris, and gave our 5 year old daughter this charm, and she loves it! It reminded her so much of our fun family trip. We have 7 charms, and now we have 8!

Gold Daddy's Girl Charm
Clayton Smithstone
Perfect for today's Daddy Daughter Day!

Me and my 5 year old daughter had our daddy daughter day today and had a lot of fun, so after, i surprised her with this charm, and she loved it! It reminds her of all the fun memories and fun times of our daddy daughter day!

We Love Our New Charm

I got this charm for my granddaughter for her birthday last year, and she loved it. Her birthday is April 11th. This charm made her birthday the best birthday for her, she was so happy to add it to her bracelet. Will be purchasing more soon.

Loved it!

Everything is adorable! Will be purchasing more items!