Tips to Style your CHARM IT! Accessory! 

Need some guidance on how to make the most of your charm jewelry? Have no fear, CHARM IT! is here! CHARM IT! products are all about expressing your personal style and creating a charm creation that is truly one-of-a-kind!  Read on for some helpful tips on how to get charmed.  

1. Pick your charm accessory!

Start with the perfect charm bracelet or necklace as the foundation for your creation.  Begin with a charm bracelet or necklace that suits your style. Our charm accessories collection is always growing, allowing for more ways to style your stacks! 

Here's a few options below!

2. Tell your story!

Select charms that represent important moments, milestones, or interests in your life. Each charm can have a special meaning attached to it, allowing your charm bracelet or necklace to tell a unique story all about you!

3. Mix and Match to see the Magic! 

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4. Balance is key!

Make sure your charms are evenly spaced on charm bracelet or necklace by both size and weight for the perfect look.  

5. Stack ‘em up!

Don’t stop at just one bracelet! Stack your charm bracelets and mix and match colors to create a charm party that everyone will want to be invited to! 

Let your imagination soar, mix your favorite charms, and your charm collection will be the perfect representation of your personality. With the help of us here at CHARM IT!, you are more than ready to charm the world!