Lights, Camera, Barbie Movie!

“Hi, Barbie, Hi, Ken”!   Yes, we’re quoting the Barbie movie.  Yes, we’re excited to see it, and yes, we’ll be wearing CHARM IT! x Barbie charm jewelry when we do! 

At CHARM IT!, we love a female entrepreneur and thought we would share a snapshot of the famous fashion doll’s history!  Flashback to 1959, when Ruth Handler saw an opportunity to create a fashion doll in a toy world full of baby dolls.  Her daughter’s love for paper dolls inspired Ruth to turn her idea into the 3-dimensional fashion doll we now know and love as Barbie!   

Barbie evolved and began to take on countless roles over the decades:  doctor, president, astronaut, teacher, and rock star to name a few!   Today, Barbie makes it onto the big screen starring in her very own Barbie movie!  Barbie explores what lies outside of Barbie Land as she enters into the real world and learns some valuable lessons along the way.  We’ll let you watch the rest! 

Just like Barbie in 1959, the Barbie movie has taken the world by Barbie storm!   We’re celebrating with the CHARM IT! x Barbie Collection, an assortment of Barbie jewelry, charms, charm bracelets, and charm necklaces.  Perfect for the movie premiere, your very own Barbie birthday themed party, or to top off your Barbie look, the collection is an homage to all things glam, pink, and fabulous just like Barbie herself.  

Will you be wearing your Barbie charms to the movie? 

See more of the CHARM IT! x Barbie Collection!

Gold Glitter Barbie Charm

Gold Barbie Heart Charm

Gold Barbie Girl Heart Charm

Gold Barbie Locket Charm

Barbie Chain Bracelet

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