CHARM IT! x The Shed Movement Pilates Flow

Empowering girls to express themselves with confidence and creativity is at the heart of the CHARM IT! brand.  We love opportunities to promote our mission, especially when they involve working with strong women! 

When Renee Levy Klarreich, our fearless leader, the creator of CHARM IT!, and devoted wellness enthusiast, discovered Lacey Kadlec’s The Shed Movement, she knew there was a collaboration waiting to happen!  

Lacey’s message to empower women and girls to connect to their true selves through movement resonated with Renee.  The intention between both brand’s missions inspired an idea and the CHARM IT! x The Shed Movement Pilates Flow class choreographed by Lacey took form!  Watch here!

Impressed by Lacey’s authenticity, teaching style, positivity, and energy, Renee knew that she would be the perfect fit to develop a Shed Movement Pilates class for our CHARM IT! collective  – both moms and their kids (grandmas, aunt, nieces, too)!  With you in mind, Lacey recruited 10 year old Ayler to join her in following the flow.  We promise that Lacey and Ayler will motivate you to keep moving.  Grab your mat, get ready to move, and get inspired by Lacey through the CHARM IT! x The Shed Movement Pilates Flow and by learning more about her philosophies below!

Who:  Lacey Kadlec, creator of The Shed Movement

 Hometown:  Santa Barbara, CA

 You Tube:  The Shed Movement

 Instagram:  @theshed_sb


Q:  What inspired the Shed Movement?

I have always dreamt about sharing my love for movement and my passion for staying true. I believe that we are all here to shine our light and share our joy, but in order to do this we need to SHED the noise and tune inward to our innate knowing. When my husband offered to build me my own studio in our backyard, I KNEW that was the moment I could take my passion and my love out into the world to serve others.


Q:   What is the Shed Movement's mission?

 Empowering women and girls to connect to their true selves through movement that makes them feel more alive. Choose to come as you are and SHED the rest. Create an authentic community that breaks free from the mainstream rules and chooses to listen to their own unique truth. Move with intention on and off the mat and  discover freedom in their minds. Moving in a way that feels joyful, nourishing and promotes healing. Breaking the old idea that harder and more is better and moving towards intentional and less is more.


Q:  What is your background and how did that evolve into the Shed Movement?

 I have a dance background that started when my parents signed me up for creative movement class at the age of 4! I was extremely shy and they felt that dance might open me up and help me feel more confident. It worked! Now I consider movement to be my first language. 

I took ballet for many years throughout my childhood and into adulthood where I continued my education at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. That is where I fell in love with modern dance and the feeling of freedom. After getting married and having 3 boys, I decided to expand my passion and become a certified Pilates teacher and eventually a certified Barre instructor. After many years of teaching both Pilates and Barre and further training in functional movement, the pandemic shut the world down so I decided to become my own style. The Shed Movement was born! 


Q:  What are words you live by?

 Stay True. Live while you are ALIVE. Movement is medicine. Movement is my love language. Progress not perfection. Believe in miracles. 

Your body is made to heal and made to move. Listen to your body. Unconditional love. Dance always. Movement = confidence. The Best Is Yet To Come!


Q:  Is there a moment in your career with The Shed Movement that has had the biggest impact on you?

 Yes, through working with one of my beautiful clients who was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer and truly experiencing the power of healing through the Shed Movement. Shedding everything that no longer serves us. returning to the heart. the unconditional love. and regaining the ability to thrive!


Q:   What is the most valuable thing you have learned since starting the Shed Movement?

 We are all unique and we all have different needs. Movement is not a one size fits all approach. It’s a discovery, a listening, a curiosity, a choice. It's a staying true and listening to your body. You were born creative. You can be confident in that!


Q: What would you like to resonate with the Shed Movement followers?

 Finding freedom and joy in all MOVEMENT. Letting the true you SHINE!!!


Q:  What are your future goals for the Shed Movement?

 Creating a global online wellness/movement community....for all women of all ages EVERYWHERE!


Q: What advice would you give your younger "CHARM IT! aged girl" self?

 Stay true to yourself ALWAYS in ALL WAYS!


We hope that you will have as much fun doing the class as we do!  It’s on repeat for us!  Be sure to follow both CHARM IT! and The Shed Movement on YouTube!  Leave us a comment below to tell us about your experience doing the flow! 

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