CHARM IT! Girl Power Spotlight: Meet Lindsey & Chloe Boyd

Naturally, the minute we hear the word charms, we’re magnetized.   When we discovered Rondel Jewelry – a contemporary fine jewelry collection of charms and 18 karat gold necklaces and bracelets we needed to know more.  At the helm of the beautifully crafted collection is Lindsey Boyd, creator, entrepreneur, and co-founder behind The Laundress.  Consider us impressed by Lindsey’s Laundress list of turning everything she touches into gold. 


Lindsey’s muse, 11 year old daughter Chloe, inherited her mom’s entrepreneurial spirit and started her own jewelry line, Coconut Beads by Chloe.  This hand-crafted line of colorful beaded bracelets and necklaces is available upon request.   Commission a piece by Chloe and your summer stack will thank you!   


Lucky us, we got the opportunity for a little Q & A with Lindsey to learn more about her brand and beyond. 


Name:  Lindsey & Chloe Boyd

Amazing Talent:  Founders of Rondel Jewelry & Coconut Beads by Chloe

Hometown:  Miami, FL

Instagram:  @rondeljewelry & @coconutbeadsbychloe


Q:  What inspired Rondel Jewelry?

Rondel was inspired by my grandmother’s charm bracelets. I loved how they told her story - a jewelry journal. My children loved learning about their grandmother through the charms - sparking memories and stories.  I wanted to create a new heirloom to be worn now and for generations to come - a more wearable charm experience with high quality, craftsmanship and design. 


Q:  What experience with your jewelry would you like to resonate with your customers? 

I love being able to wear the same pieces everyday - having something elevate a white t-shirt or a beautiful blouse. 


Q:  Where do you look for inspiration for the collection

Everywhere! From art, interiors, fashion and people. Definitely my daughter, who is my muse.


Q:  What is the best advice you can give to young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business (including your daughter, Chloe)?   

If you are passionate about an idea - this will drive you forward. You have to want it so badly that you live and breathe it!


Q:  What is the best business advice you have received along the way?

Ask a lot of questions, don’t be afraid to ask for help, get answers… believe it or not people love to help others and share advice. 


Q:  Is there a moment in your career that has had the biggest impact on you?

 Not really - it’s the entire journey of almost 2 decades on my own as a founder – it’s never one moment.


Q:  Who is the person that has had the biggest impact on your career? 

My husband! We both launched our own businesses at the same time back in 2004. We are now building new companies side by side (literally in the same home office). 


Q:  Your daughter has started her own jewelry line, Coconut beads by Chloe.  What are her dreams for the business and next steps in her entrepreneurial path? 

Yes - she started at age 8 making necklaces and bracelets. It became a family activity at one point because we had so many orders:-) Each year she comes up with a new twist on the bracelets, last summer it was all about shells.  

She has big goals but they are not related to business - she wants to be an Olympian jumper and have a farm with lots of animals!


Q:  Do you have any words that you live by? 

Being grateful and keeping perspective. I think about these two things every day.


Q:  What words would you use to describe Chloe?

Kind, empathetic, thoughtful, fashionable, athletic, graceful, insightful, studious, wise, fun, goofy, dynamic, loving, professional shopper, equestrian and huge animal lover!! 


Q:  What words would Chloe use to describe you? 

Kind, thoughtful, serious, loving, caring, giving, supportive, loves to shop, can remove any stain, loves Chanel, designs cool jewelry, loves skiing, horseback riding, tennis and traveling. 


Q: What is your favorite mother-daughter activity that you do together? 

Horseback riding and Shopping


Q:  Your favorite CHARM IT! & Rondel charms


The lockets, they remind me of my grandmother-old and new combined. I love bringing the past into the present. 

Sucker for personalization:  Gold Glitter Letter L

Because I was a girl scout and this is my favorite cookie:  Girl Scout Coconut Caramel 

My favorite family activity:  Ski Goggles   

Represents a new chapter for me in Miami:  Gold Heart Sunglasses  



Loves her hand carved jade stone horse and the vitreous enamel charms - she loves color. 

Favorite CHARM IT! Charms: 

Candy Ring

Gold Glitter Nail Polish

Lil’ Jelly

Gold Glitter Mushroom

Gold Coconut Drink 

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