CHARM IT! Girl Power Spotlight: Meet Jordyn Curet

As a brand built on empowering girls to express themselves, we are proud to provide a girl power platform and spotlight girls who are doing amazing things.  After all, High IntenCity was founded by female entrepreneur Renee Levy Klarreich, the ultimate girl boss and proof that big dreams can come true.  

We recently had the opportunity to interview the dynamically talented 11 year old actress, singer, and host, Jordyn Curet.  Jordyn was the first person who came to mind when we announced our commitment to amplify the voices of BIPOC girls as part of our platform.  We have always celebrated diversity in representation, but what better way to resound the message than with a Q & A with Jordyn, who inspires us with her energy, talent, and go-getter attitude?  No wonder friends describe her as a ray of sunshine!

Who: Jordyn Curet 

Age: 11 years old

Amazing talent:  Actress, singer, and host

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Instagram: @jordyncuret_


Q:  Tell us about some of your current or favorite projects as an actress, singer, and host.  

A:  That's a super tough question because I feel every project becomes a favorite of mine!  I really loved being a guest star on Disney Channel "Raven's Home" as well as CBS "The Neighborhood'.  Both were amazing experiences with all-star casts.  I also love hosting Dreamworks TV  “Life Hacks for Kids”, it was so much fun with each hack!  


Q:  What is the best advice someone has ever given you?  

A:  The best advice I ever received is "to not don't get caught up on the opportunities that do not work out, focus on the ones that do."  If it is your project, it will come through.  


Q:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: I do wish to continue acting, singing and venture into fashion.  However, my ultimate goal is to make a difference in this world.  


Q:  How do you want to change the world?  

A:  I feel our generation is all about changes.  I do wish to do my part in changing the world for the better by  standing up against social injustice, discrimination of any kind, and by empowering others to speak their truth and believe they are worthy!  We need to come together and unite.


Q:  What organizations or causes mean the most to you?

A: A few come to mind right now that I feel are truly essential for so many.  No Kid Hungry and Ronald McDonald House are two that provide so many incredible services to kids and families in times of need.  We are experiencing some trying times right now and it is really wonderful to see communities supporting each other and working together to make an impact.  


Q:  What words would your friends & family use to describe you?

A:  "A Ray of Sunshine", "A Believer",  "Outgoing",  "A Doer", and "Music in her Soul".


Q:  What do you love most about being you?

A:  Being unique in my own way! Embracing my natural hair, my goofy personality, and lifting others up when they need it!


Q:  How would you describe your style?

A:  Sporty - Classy would be my style.  I also love taking vintage clothes and reworking styles with a modern edge.    


Q:  And of course because we have to ask, favorite charm and why?

A:  My favorite charm is the Unicorn Smoothie charm.  I love that charm because it reminds me of my favorite vanilla bean frappe! 


Q:  Who should we check out on Instagram to promote and help amplify their voices?

A:  I am so proud of some many of my friends who are amplifying their voices and bringing awareness for all.  I would tag:

@gem.sisters, @itszoeymichelle, @vrosemueller, @thekeziahziah, @maleaemma, @calahsworld @piperrubio @alyssacheatham @zariasdream

Thank you so much CHARM IT! for all your support and inspiring girls to Dream Big!!


Check out how Jordyn builds her CHARM IT! stack here!  Be on the lookout for Jordyn as she accomplishes her dreams, goals, and puts the awe in awesome!  


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