CHARM IT! Girl Power Spotlight: Meet Gabby Goodwin

Meet young entrepreneur Gabby Goodwin, CEO of Confidence, a hair barrette and styling products company that removes the stress from the hair styling process.   Gabby started her business when she was only seven with the invention of her patented and guaranteed non-slip barrettes GaBBY Bows.  Add children’s book author, keynote presentation speaker and virtual entrepreneurship academy leader to the list, and Gabby is a force and major source of inspiration for girls everywhere!   We recently had the opportunity for Gabby to tell us a little more about herself, her future plans, and her favorite message to spread! 


Name:  Gabby Goodwin

Age:  13

Amazing talent:  Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

Hometown:  Columbia, SC

Instagram:  @gabbybows


Q:  What is the most valuable thing you have learned since starting your business?

A:  The most valuable thing I have learned in the past few years is how to grow in my confidence.  I was super shy before the business was started and because I’ve been able to speak more and talk to more people, I have become more courageous.


Q:  As a keynote speaker, what message would you like to resonate most with your audience?  

A:  The message I like to resonate with my audiences is N.O. is just an abbreviation for Next Opportunity. I’ve received all types of no’s but I kept going and kept pushing. Yes is coming if you keep going and keep pushing.


Q:  Is there a business experience or speaking event that has had the biggest impact on you?

A:  The business experience that has had the biggest impact on my business has been this pandemic. We had to quickly adjust because of money we would lose from cancelled trade shows and speaking engagements, and we did by helping families take care of their girls’ hair at home.


Q:  What’s the best advice you have received so far?

A:  My Dad taught me that practice doesn’t make perfect. It makes permanent. Practice can make you feel more comfortable doing anything.


Q:  What are your dreams and goals for your company

A:  I want to keep growing my company for generations and one day run it with my daughter like my mom has with me. I also want to help at least 100 girls start their own business under our Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy. We have already helped 50.


Q:  Who/what do you get your inspiration from?

A:  I get inspiration from my parents who have sacrificed so much for me and my dreams. The Girl Bosses in our Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship and all the other girls who look up to me also inspire me to never give up.


Q:  What words would friends/family use to describe you?

A:  My friends and family describe me as a leader, kind, funny, smart and driven.


Q:  How do you want to change the world? 

A:  I want every girl to feel confident in themselves – their beauty, their hair, their abilities and talents.


Q:  Are there any other colleague’s or young entrepreneurs you follow that we should all check out?

A:  Check out Mikaila Ulmer of Me and the Bees Lemonade, vegan chef Shi LaChef, and Moziah Bridges of Mo’s Bows!


We just love how Gabby took an idea and turned it into not only a business, but a platform to support other girls!  We look forward to Gabby’s next steps and applaud her for being such an amazing role model at such a young age. 


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